Windmill Museum at Mid-America Windmill Museum

Mission Statement: To provide a museum to collect, display, preserve, and tell the story of wind power from its origination through the American Windmill to the present day.

The Kendallville Windmill Museum and Historical Society was incorporated in 1992 under the auspices of the Kendallville Local Development Corporation to create a tourist attraction for the area. The Board decided on the name "Mid-America Windmill Museum".

The museum is governed by a 21 member board of directors. The board members are elected by the dues paying members of the Kendallville Windmill Museum & Historical Society, and the officers are elected by the directors. The board of directors and volunteers restore and maintain the windmills, the buildings, the grounds, staff the gift shop, and serve as museum guides.

There are a total of fifty-two windmills that have been restored and are on exhibit in the museum barn or outside on the museum grounds. A highlight of the museum is a replica of the Robertson Post windmill, a single stone grist mill with a 52 foot diameter wind wheel. The original Robertson was shipped from England and erected on the James River near Jamestown, VA. in the 1620's.


The museum is a not-for-profit organization with five levels of membership: Windmill at sunset

  • Annual Individual $20
  • Contributing $50
  • Business $50
  • Sustaining (Sponsor) $200
  • Life $600

Volunteers are the driving force behind the museum. If interested in volunteering, email name and area of interest.

Volunteer Opportunities Include: Gift Shop, Tour Guide, Exhibits/Display, Landscape & Grounds Maintenance, Windmill Maintenance/Restoration.

It is the only museum to have all eleven Flint and Walling models beginning with the ORIGINAL STAR which was patented in the 1870’s and sold for 40 years. The museum also includes the STAR ZEPHYR, the last windmill manufactured by Flint and Walling. It was introduced in 1937 and continued until 1954 when Flint and Walling ceased windmill production.

1854 Halladay Standard Windmill


The museum also features
the 1854 Halladay Standard.