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15 October 2015

What started out to be a possible lost Saturday work day and with a lot of extensive planning down the drain because of heavy overnight rain and a steady drizzle to start the morning, it looked bleak at best.  When Jim Koch arrived he again said “rain or shine.”  That being said the eleven volunteers started moving equipment, tools and the new parts up to the Robertson Post Windmill for installation.  The rain gradually subsided and by 11:15 a.m. we even saw clearing skies and a little sunshine.

By 12.30 p.m. after another unforeseen setback, three of the whips were up and securely bolted into place.  Pam Younce and Nancy Strater came through with a delicious lunch they served in the pavilion, the chatter over lunch was all about what we had accomplished in the morning and putting the forth whip in place.  The afternoon went great and after moving the equipment to put on the four inside clamps, the crane and man lift was put away, tools picked up and by 3:00 p.m. we set down for a cold Pepsi.

It’s a good thing there were not five whips to put up forty feet in the air because Jim Koch and Todd Skinner who did all of the high work out of the man lift basket were totally spent.

The workers for the day were Gary Strater, Jerry Stienbarger, Scott Shumaker, Jack Frederick, Todd Skinner, Jerry Davis, Kent Harding, Jim Koch, Doug Younce, Brandon Kelham and Jim Britten.  Job well done!


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