Mid-America Windmill Museum - Kendallville, Indiana

Harnessing Power through Purpose and Passion ...

Windmills at Mid-America Windmill Museum

A major purpose for the Mid-America Windmill museum was to display all windmills manufactured at Kendallville’s Flint and Walling Company.

The Museum has expanded to displaying 52 windmills since its inception in 1992.

The powerful heart beat of dreams, passion, and work of the windmill enthusiasts and volunteers is felt as guests walk the winding windmill path.

Mid-America Windmill Museum Windmill

Windmills are a vital part of American history.

The Mid-America Windmill Museum’s goal and purpose is to provide a museum to:

  • collect, display, preserve
  • educate and build awareness
  • tell the story of wind power from its origination through the American windmill to the present day.

Through video presentations, guided tours, exhibits, interactive displays, photographs, and a museum library, volunteers provide visitors the opportunity to learn about the history of windmills and wind power.

Be sure to visit our "Windmill Information" for the complete history of our unique museum!

The Mid-America Windmill Museum Mid-America Windmill Museum Entrance Sign
Mid-America Windmill Museum P.O. Box 5048
732 S. Allen Chapel Rd Kendallville, In 46755
Phone: 260-347-2334
Museum Open: April 1st -November 1st
Hours: Tues.—Fri. 10 A.M. 4 P.M.
Sat. 10 A.M.-5 P.M.
Sun. 1 P.M. 4 P.M.
Please Note:
**We are unable to
accept Credit Cards**
Adults $8.00
Seniors 55+: $6:00
Children/Students: $5.00
Children 6 and Under are Free
Closed On Mondays